With this project, I wanted to practice my writing and interactive fiction design skills. I liked the idea of creating an interactive anthology where stories are different yet set in the same universe (mad props to you if you spot the connections!).

As for the content of these 3 interactive stories, I drew from my feelings, traits and fixations: always being punctual; blaming myself for caring too much and, the next minute, reminding myself it can be a gift; being too harsh on some people without considering other aspects of their personalities; being snappy, and fear of being misunderstood.

"My project is finished and perfect!" said no creator ever. I am grateful for any feedback you would like to provide!

- Graphics retrieved on Canva

- Music and sounds from freesound.org


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Hi, I'm a sound engineer, composer and music producer. If you need me on your team let me know.

Discord: wood.dice#3714