A downloadable game world for Windows and macOS

This game world was created with RPG Maker MZ. 

My goal with this project was to practice my world-building skills. I focused on making this narrative universe emerge through dialogues, descriptions, environments and quests, so I consider this an almost-finished (please let me know if you find any bugs/errors!) game world.

In DreamComeTrue, you will:

  • Play as a young Dream Assistant who starts working at a peculiar dream factory where people can pay to have customized dreams while they sleep.
  • Talk to customers and employees to understand more about the wonders of DreamComeTrue...and maybe a few dark semi-secrets.
  • Retrieve objects and complete small quests.
  • Explore as much as you want, and eventually end the game as you finish your work for the day (or better: for the night).

Enjoy, and sleep well :)


DreamComeTrue_Windows.zip 186 MB
DreamComeTrue_Mac.zip 230 MB

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